Water Heater Ottawa

Serving Kemptville and North Grenville

Kemptville and the municipality of North Grenville is located just South of Ottawa.  Known for it's beautiful older homes Kemptville captures the hearts of many people when shopping for a new home.  However the old stone and brick walls can be difficult to regulate. If you require more then just Fireplace services ask our technicians about the Ductless Split. Often a good alternative for homes with brick or stone walls. Ductless Splits are a great alternative for houses where Duct work is difficult or not possible. Ductless Splits come with 2 small copper wires and communicating wire allowing add it to almost anywhere! If you currently have a Boiler System or Baseboard heaters.  Being almost 40% more efficient then traditional HVAC Systems you won't just notice the savings in the installation. Ductless Splits are often a great choice for older homes or homes adding on additions.