Appliance Cleaning

Water Heater Ottawa offers cleaning on all of your appliances. From Furnaces to Air Conditioners and Fireplaces, get your appliance cleaned for only $100!

Addtional Appliances

Have more than 1 appliance needing cleaning? We can clean additional appliances for only $50 after the purchase of a full priced one.

Additional Accesories

We can clean accessories for only $25 after the purchase of an appliance. From UV Lights to Water Heaters and more!

Water Heater and Tankless Cleaning and Maintenance

Get your Water Heater or Tankless cleaned today by Water Heater Ottawa today! Keepiing your Water Heater cleaned and maintained will not only prevent costly repairs in the future but can also keep it running efficiently putting more money back in you pocket.

Maintenance Plans

We have a number of cleaning and maintenance plans available to make sure your Water Heater or Tankless is up and running properly and efficiently.

Learn more about maintenance plans and other services we offer here,

Next Steps...

Get your Water heater or Tankless cleaned today!